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8-week mindfulness based stress reduction courses and 2-hour workshops. 10% of proceeds for 8-week courses will be donated to a charity of your choice.

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8 Week MBSR

Real email from prior student

“I hope you’re well and your current MBSR class has gotten off to a good start. I have been meaning to write you for awhile now, so my apologies for not getting in touch sooner. I want to thank you for the work you do. My husband and I took your class in the fall.  I knew at the time how good it was for me, because each week I came away feeling better.  Now that a few months have passed and I have been practicing what I have learned from you, I realize how life changing your class has been for me and my relationships. I am a stronger and healthier person now and have a sense of peace in my life for the first time ever. You have a true gift!  I only wish there was a part 2 class!  Thank you again. “

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10% of proceeds will be donated to a charity of your choice

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2-Hour Mindfulness Workshop

Real email from prior student

“I know I told you this before but its worth repeating, your class changed my life.  Even my mindset has changed, to let things just ‘be” and to “allow” life to takes its natural course without stressing about the unknown or things I can’t control.  It really is amazing”

100% satisfied or your money back guaranteed

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James D’Aconti, LMSW, CPA

James D’Aconti, LMSW, CPA

Qualified Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Teacher

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Brian T.

Brian T., Happy Customer

James has found his calling. He is a skilled and encouraging guide to stress reduction. I truly recommend his MBSR course.