Class 5

During this 2.5 hour session, participants engage in a combination of the three major formal mindfulness practices that have also been practiced at home during the preceding three weeks: The body scan, mindful hatha yoga and sitting meditation. This session marks the halfway point in the course. It emphasizes the capacity of participants to adapt more rapidly and effectively to everyday challenges and stressors. Experiential practice of mindfulness continues with an emphasis on responding (vs. reacting) to stressors and the value and utility of mindfulness in learning to stop, step back and see more clearly/objectively and to then be in a better position to make informed choices (responding) in meeting various situations. To further the capacity to respond, problem-, emotion-, and meaning focused coping strategies may be delineated (See Lazarus and Folkman, and Folkman.) A central element of the session is oriented around the participant’s capacity to recover more rapidly from stressful encounters when they occur. Strategies continue to be developed with emphasis on the growing capacity to attend more precisely to a variety of physical and mental perceptions and to use this awareness as a way of deliberately interrupting and intervening in previously conditioned, habitual behaviors and choosing more effective mindfulness-mediated stress responses. (See: Kabat-Zinn, Full Catastrophe Living, 2013, pgs 335-349). Neuroscience research may be appropriately included here, and is best introduced in relation to what is being reported by participants regarding their actual experience. Daily mindfulness practice is assigned, with an emphasis on the observation and application of mindful awareness in daily life.

The above content was taken from Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) Authorized Curriculum Guide © 2017

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Saki F. Santorelli, EdD, MA
Florence Meleo-Meyer, MS, MA
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