It is Expensive

Catey Hill of MarketWatch wrote an article in 2017 which explored the 10 most expensive places to raise a family in The United States.  Number two on the list was Nassau-Suffolk, NY.  Anyone who lives on Long Island and is reading this article is familiar with the cost of living here.  When considering states, New York has the 7th highest property taxes in the country.  Looking at counties, Suffolk County has the second highest property taxes in the country. It is no wonder there is such a growing interest in Long Island Mindfulness.

It Is Cluttered

Based on this report from the United States Census Bureau (USCB), Suffolk County is in the top 25 most populated counties in the United States.  However, when you look at the census (number of people) per mile of land in each county, Suffolk County is number fourteen on the list.  The top three areas with the highest people/per mile of land are Manhattan, Kings County and Queens County. In short, Long Island (and it’s neighboring areas) has a lot of people for the amount of land available.

Anyone who drives to work on Long Island during rush hour gets a taste of this every day.  Rush hour should be renamed rush hours at this point, since we all know it is closer to 2-3 hours of traffic. Every. Day. Of. Our. Lives.  I work as a Psychotherapist in addition to my work as a Mindfulness Teacher.  I have had client’s spend most of their session venting to me about the traffic, which they would be in for 3 hours each way, every day.

We Are Not Kind To Each Other

In Costa Rica people beep at each other on the road as a way of saying hello.  That is not quite the case on Long Island.  On Long Island we beep at each other to say “F*$@ You”.  The level of competition here is tremendous, which is a result of us having such a high amount of people per mile of land.  We are taught to see our neighbors, coworkers, classmates and others as competition.  We see them as people we need to get ahead of in order to promote our own security.  This is related to the high cost of living, we are trying to get ahead in order to keep up with the high costs.

As a result, we get lost in the stress and forget to treat each other with kindness.  We forget that our neighbors, coworkers and classmates are also living in these stressful conditions.  That they are also suffering, just as we suffer due to high costs, high congestion and daily interactions with people on edge.

Important: Long Island Mindfulness

This makes the practice of mindfulness even more important here on Long Island.  Long Island Mindfulness can become a movement of people more aware of the reasons for their stress, and their reactions to the stress. Mindfulness is the practice of recognizing our reactions to stress.  Mindfulness is the practice of changing the way our body reacts to stress.  It helps us respond to our daily stresses with more peace, calm and equanimity.  It helps us become more aware of the way our body holds stress.  Mindfulness is something that must be practiced, and we can begin with the simple practice of mindful breathing. It may be interesting to explore an 8-week Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Course.

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