Thomas Canale, Chef

Retreat Chef

Thomas Canale is the head chef for The Mindful Place retreats.  Thomas is the founder and head chef of Get in Your Kitchen. What began as a passion project, Get in Your Kitchen became an opportunity to educate, to learn, and to grow. Tom loves cooking and eating but is always mindful of the food that is wasted in our world and of those who go hungry. It is because of this passion and commitment to balance in the world that he believes cooking can change lives. Our choices when we cook and when we eat shape our bodies and our experiences. We must be mindful harvesters and thoughtful consumers. We can restore the balance of our environment, our diets, and our society one meal at a time. To honor this commitment to restoring balance in our world, 10% of profits made will be donated to www.worldhunger.org. Thank you for your support and commitment to a healthier world.